Dweb Search

A decentralized Search Engine for IPFS and Filecoin.

  1. The data, API, algorithm is all open and free.
  2. Free snapshot is in jsonl format. You can download it via IPFS or IPNS. And recreate a new search engine by running our open-source code.
  3. We are keeping indexing all kinds of contents which support dweb in different way. Such as:
    • Sites with Creative Commons: Wikipedia, Kaggle datasets, TED, Arxiv, Stackexchange, Youtube, Flicker ...
    • Sites using IPFS/IPNS: blogs, Matters(an ipfs-blog-community),
    • Sites with API/RSS/jsonfeed: lots of blogs, hackernews...
    • contents in IPFS (using a crawler), and Filecoin (slingshot datasets...)
  4. Users can also add metadata for their content, so that it can be searched.
  5. We&users also reward creators and curators with tokens(Filecoin,BTC,ETH,Likecoin...). If you are a creator, you can get Airdrops
  6. ... more ...
  7. Help store data in Dweb(pin in IPFS, store in filecoin, etc.)
  8. Dweb Research&Design: design new RSS, CC etc. protocols with better incentive mechanism. Discord: Dweb-Dev
  9. Creators Community: a community of all kinds of creators(bloggers, vloggers, podcasters ... ), Enjoy dweb togetherDiscord: Creators Community